Withersdane Hall is part of PROMIS Clinics Rehabilitation and is the largest residential rehab in Europe catering for the full range of mental health conditions.

Withersdane Hall is probably the best kept secret in Kent. Nestled besides the North Downs in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the building itself and landscaped grounds are stunning. 

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Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment at Withersdane Hall

We are very excited to announce the opening of a new, 20-acre, 36-bed (initially) mental health clinic at Withersdane Hall, in the village of Wye, near Ashford in Kent. Following successful accreditation with the Care Quality Commission, we wish to introduce Private Health Care providers to the treatment we offer and our philosophy of care and invite you to contact us at any time, hopefully to visit Withersdane Hall and enjoy a relationship of mutual co-operation towards our shared aim: the treatment and care of others.

Withersdane Hall

Withersdane hall, until 2009, was the Imperial College London Agricultural College and universtity Halls of Residence. It sits in acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, boasting tennis courts, croquet lawn, ornamental gardens and a theatre.

The Hall was built in the early 1800s as a private residence. Following the death of the owner in April 1940, it was requisitioned in October 1940 and became the Divisional HQ for the operation to repel the expected invasion of Kent, home to first the 43rd Wessex Division, and then the 56th (London) Division, housing the divisional general and the intelligence section.

Withersdane Hall sits in acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, which feature formal and informal areas, lawns and beds, a Victorian kitchen garden and many rare specimens donated by Kew gardens and the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. The garden was redesigned by Mary Page, and is set within a further 360-hectare estate and open parkland. The main hall is protected by a Grade I listing.

Clinical care at Withersdane Hall

Holistic care is delivered by a Medical and Therapeutic MDT (multidisciplinary Team), comprised of some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals who will welcome you not into a whole new experience.

Our philosophy of care

The concept of becoming actively involved in your care, in your community and in your recovery, of learning self esteem by doing estimable things, by beginning to believe in yourself and feeling ‘part of’, where you have always felt ‘apart from’ is central to our philosophy of care at Withersdane Hall.

A visit to Withersdane Hall would immediately illustrate this principal, and we would love you to come and spend some time with us. Quite simply, within the context of a fully-staffed clinic with the best possible medical, nursing and therapist supervision, our patients make an active and very positive contribution to the whole community and to their care.

Our patients are empowered to make real decisions about their own lives and to be able to have a say in, and make informed choices about, the individual support they need and receive and their views and perceptions are taken account of, valued and acted upon.

A learning environment

Learning new skills is always important, but it can also positively affect our mental wellbeing, and therefore our Recovery. Learning can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, help build a sense of purpose, and help us connect with others. Learning introduces the patient to new ideas and helps them stay curious and engaged.

An obvious aspect of engaging in some form of learning or study is that setting targets, moving towards them and reaching them can create positive feelings of accomplishment and achievement. Mental Illness also tends to make us focus on the past in negative ways, but learning is a future-focused activity. When we start to learn something, we are not thinking about the past at all, only on the future; what we are going to learn and where that learning will lead us.

Our patients will benefit from workshops, life coaching and seminars while in our Primary Care and encouraged, where needed, to explore further education opportunities as part of their aftercare plan.

Withersdane Hall is a learning environment, where patients will be offered and introduced to opportunities to study for formal, recognised qualifications both within the campus itself and in local colleges. This forms an integral part of our extended care offering within the Secondary Care programme and our Recovery Housing Community.

A healthy environment

At Withersdane Hall, we understand that the mind and body are inseparable and our physical health is very important for our Recovery and overall sense of wellbeing. Our mental health can be affected by our physical health and vice versa and this is why we embrace a holistic approach to the treatment of mental illness.

What you do with your body, and what you choose to put into it, can have a powerful effect on your mental wellbeing.

Apart from changing the way we feel about ourselves, providing opportunities to interact with others, and become active agents of the choices they make, there is increasing evidence that physical activity produces chemical changes in the brain associated with feeling better.

We encourage our patients, while at Withersdane Hall, to take full advantage of acres of beautiful grounds and gardens, the tennis courts, croquet lawn, gymnasium and the many social and sporting activities available to all.

The amount and type of food you eat also has a major influence on your health, and therefore your Recovery.

We are sensitive to the fact that a balanced mood and feelings of wellbeing can be protected by ensuring that our patient’s diet provides adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and water and that the food they eat is tasty and enjoyable. We therefore ensure that the quality of the food at The Mind Campus is of the very highest standard, and encourage our patients to take advantage of the opportunities to make important changes to the way they eat and the quality of the food they will enjoy while with us.

A healing environment

Although the community itself is rarely understood as a therapeutic intervention, the concept of Community is very important at Withersdane Hall. Depression, Anxiety, Addictions and all Behavioural Health problems are afflictions of isolation, that erode the sufferer’s self esteem, relationships and self worth.

At Withersdane, patients are encouraged to do things together through communal living, an emphasis on group work and through shared tasks. They are inspired to help one another as much as possible, through small acts of kindness, mentoring schemes and buddying systems.

We are under no illusion that it is the patients themselves who form an integral part of the quality of the experience of being at Withersdane Hall and helping one another is encouraged and facilitated through all levels of intervention.

Patients connect back into the community at Withersdane Hall as a bridge towards a  lifestyle characterised by health and community involvement. Developing positive life and relationship skills is one of the guiding principles behind this unique treatment service.

The atmosphere and culture of Withersdane Hall is a priority for successful Recovery. The clinic is a genuinely warm, welcoming, supportive space where patients will feel welcome and safe, fostering a sense of Withersdane belonging as much to the patients as to the organisation.

'recovery is most effective when service users' needs and aspirations are placed at the centre of their care and treatment….an aspirational and person-centred process' (Scottish Government, 2008, p23)

It is important that our patients feel connected to the clinic, and that they enjoy each day with us. Although it is very hard work, recovery must also feel that it is improving the life of the patient in very measurable ways, and socialising and exercising together (quiz evenings, tennis, the gymnasium, the meditation lounge, the ornate, peaceful gardens and movie nights) are all ways to learn to have fun around others in Recovery. Withersdane Hall is, at all times, a strong, safe, professional, clinical, instructional and inspirational environment; a truly therapeutic space.

Phone: +44 (0)1233 779 024
Speak to Sam or Dean the admissions officers on: 01233 779024

Address: Withersdane Hall, Wye, Kent, United Kingdom


Withersdane Hall Recovery Campus Consultants

Dr Laimonas Goncaras

Dr Laimonas Goncaras

Medical Lead, PROMIS Clinics and Withersdane Hall
Freedom through Art

Amanda Heath

Art Facilitator
Roger Hughes, Trauma and EMDR Specialist

Roger Hughes

Trauma and Recovery Specialist
The Mighty Thor

Pall Thor Jonsson

Addiction Therapist and Counsellor
Jo Kardamash at Withersdane Hall

Jo Kardamash

Registered General Nurse
Sarah Lodge at Withersdane Hall

Sarah Louise Lodge

Sam Meadows

Sam Meadows

Interventionist and Addiction Recovery Coach
Vasile Soaita

Vasile Soaita