The management of stress, anxiety and heart disease through yoga, meditation and self-acceptance

Sherezade Ruano - Combining Medical Cardiology with Yoga and Meditation

Sherezade Ruano is a Cardiac and Diabetes Research Nurse at the British Cardiac Research Trust, and she is also a Registered Yoga Teacher accredited by The British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance.

Registered Hatha Yoga Therapist

Sherezade trained as a Hatha Yoga Cardiac Therapist in USA under the guidance of renowned teachers, learning extensively how to work with people living with heart disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases.
She has developed a yoga program specially designed to enhance and improve her patient’s health and well being along side, and in professional medical association with conventional medicine.  
Sherezade works closely with different medical specialists providing the best quality of care in Western medicine, thus bringing the holistic perspective of optimizing the function of every system in the body through Yoga.
Sherezade conducts a series of transformational workshops focused on her unique program for heart disease, cardiovascular risk factors and stress and anxiety.
She has been part of several publications in well-known scientific institutions and medical magazines. She is currently writing her own piece in the management of stress factors and heart disease through Yoga, Meditation and self-acceptance.
Having seen and experienced the consequences of the body and mind misalignments’, Sherezade dedicated her time to search for a holistic path in order to respond to many scientific questions about how the healing process worked. Now through the practice of Yoga and the clinical science supporting it, she is trying to help others answer those questions within themselves.

Specialising in: 

Combining advanced cardiology skills with therapeutic holistic approaches that have a measurable impact on well-being

Sherezade Ruano Santana Yoga Teacher

I believe that a successful approach to care is one that covers and recognises the four systems centred on the person: behavioural, physiological and anatomical, energetic and social or environmental.

Health and disease involve a whole person in their own context. That requires a full analysis of a patient's illness; social environment, genetic predisposition and life experiences, in order to identify the nucleus - 'the why?'- to target the best treatment or intervention. 

Medical decisions should be conceptually and contextually understood by the patient, drawing attention to two important components: freewill and quality of life

Sherezade Ruano's Places of Practice


Waters Edge Recovery International - London / Kerala / Florida

London HQ

Articles written by Sherezade Ruano
  • Stress Management through Mindfulness and Yoga

    Effective Stress Management and Well-being through Yoga

    Stress is probably the single most important factor in most forms of disease today. According to modern science, stress is defined as the response to a demanding situation. It is not the situation itself but the reaction and action we acquire when facing stressful situations. Constant stress is directly debilitating to both mind and body, and leaves the body susceptible to disease. Practicing Yoga correctly not only heals the emotional and physiological damage, but provides access to inner strengths.

    Read full article
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Tultul Lahiri at Withersdane Hall

Sherezade works at the leading edge of combined holistic and mainstream medicine. She demonstrates the positive impact of yoga and meditation using the latest cardiology diagnostics and biomarkers

Professor Avijit Lahiri, Consultant Cardiologist

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