Applying Professional Care that Works for Individual Gut Patients

Professor Bjarnason has won practically every award for his work in advancing care for gut patients. He has pioneered and championed the cause for medical innovation and is at the forefront of evidence-based research prior to the application of novel therapies. His whole professional approach is driven by the need for scientific rigour behind all aspects of intestinal medicine.

With regard to patient care he is devoted to the individual and will always consider the full broad-based and holistic approach to each patient. For example, in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) he takes the lead with a multi-disciplinary approach, involving appropriate medical specialists including Geneticists (especially with regard to diagnosis and P4 Medicine), Gastroenterologists, dietary experts and liaison with Psychiatrists. In this way, patients can expect the best possible care for the 'whole patient' that modern medicine has to offer. One of Prof's latest projects has been into conducting well constructed clinical trials to look into the role that probiotics have in treating IBS, IBD and ulcerative colitis. This work has highlighted the need for patients to be highly selective over their choice of probiotic brand. (See details - below).

Prof Bjarnason has won some of the most important medical awards, but has never been one to sit on his laurels. He is devoted to his patients and offers them a world-class service for the diagnosis and treatment of all gastrointestinal diseases. This is characterised by his application of rapid diagnostic work-up using state of the art technology for diagnosis and staging, all married to the best research work and proven clinical practice.

The underlying principle is the to aim to minimise and avoid as much as possible the use of expensive, time-consuming and uncomfortable invasive tests such as traditional endoscopies, but without ever compromising the ability to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Prof will utilise all the latest, validated and highly sensitive tests. These tests may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Intestinal permeability,
  • Wireless capsule enteroscopy,
  • Intestinal disaccharidase deficiency,
  • Bile acid-malabsorption,
  • Intestinal inflammation (via the faecal calprotectin test),
  • Intestinal transit,
  • Screening tests for Coeliac disease and Helicobacter pylori,
  • Imaging including MRI,
  • When an abnormality is evident this allows targeted investigation of the problem and treatment.

Prof Bjarnason is Accredited in the following Medical specialities:

  • Gastroenterology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Chemical Pathology

He graduated in medicine "Candidati Medicinae et Chirurgiae" from University of Iceland, 1977  with a First Class Laudabilen
MSc in Biochemistry, Chelsea College, University of London, 1983. 

"Summos in Medicina Honores et Medicinae Doctorem" University of Iceland 1986 (PhD equivalent)

MRCPath, Royal College of Pathologist, London 1991.
DSc (Medicine), University of London 1997
FRCPath, Royal College of Pathologist, London 1999
FRCP, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow 1999

Specialising in: 

Prof Bjarnason is also on the editorial boards for most of the leading medical journals covering his super- specialitist subject areas.

Awards and Memberships

Radiation Training Course, Hammersmith 1991
ARSAC licenses to use radioisotopes (>15 years)
Clinical Trials Training Course, Pharmacia 2003
Nordisk Insulinfond, Research Fellow 1982.
Welcome Research Fellow 1983.
Alfred Bentson Research Award, Iceland 1984.
Alfred Bentson Research Award, Iceland 1985.
Alfred Bentson Research Award, Iceland 1986.
Sir Avery Jones British Society of Gastroenterology  Medal 1991, for studies on the effects of NSAIDs on the small intestine (first and only non-british citizen to receive this award).

Memberships of learned societies

Member of the Medical Research Society 1984-1995
Member of the British Society of Gastroenterology 1989-present.
Member of the European Society of Comparative Gastroenterology    
Member of the American Gastroenterology Association 1995-present
Fellow of "Club del Tenue", Italy 1998-present

Editorial work

Editorial board of the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology.
 Jan 1998 to present
Editorial board of GUT: Jan 2002-2006
Editorial board of Immunopharmacology: July 2004-present
Editorial board Digestive and Liver Disease Jan 2006-present

Editorial Board of Nature Clinical Gastroenteology and Hepatology 2007-present.


Professor Ingvar Bjarnason's Places of Practice


King’s College Hospital

Denmark Hill

Articles written by Professor Ingvar Bjarnason
  • New multi-strain probiotic drink effective against IBS and IBD

    Which Probiotic? The latest evidence shows that despite the hype only one really seems to work...
    The use of probiotics such as Symprove is not a cure and only a part of the more integrated and multi faceted treatment of IBS. Rather the patient with IBS needs to consider the range of probiotics on merit and this is almost invariably down to the results of properly designed and executed clinical trials. This may not be easy, but an experienced Gastroenterlogist with an interest in IBS will be of help. No probiotic is at present prescribable by GPs. For many patients the 50-70% reduction in symptoms will come as a significant respite.

    Read full article
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