Mr William A Townley is an acknowledged expert in facial reanimation.He is the lead clinician at the Facial Nerve Centre at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital where he runs a multidisciplinary service with specialists in Plastic Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology and Facial Physiotherapy.

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Facial Nerve Expert

Lead clinician at the Facial Nerve Centre at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital. Mr William Townley runs a multidisciplinaryservice with specialists in Plastic Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology and Facial Physiotherapy.

Facial Reanimation

Mr Townley provides the full spectrum of latest facial reanimation treatments to patients at Parkside from simple chemodenervation techniques (botulinum toxin for synkinesis) to free functionalmuscle transfer.

Having graduated from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, his specialist training is in Plastic and Aesthetic surgery where he has operated in London, Oxford and Toronto. He was formerly a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in British Columbia where he gained considerable experience in facial reconstruction and in all aspects of cosmetic surgery. He is also involved as a pitch-side surgeon for international rugby matches attending to facial injuries.

His clinical personal interests include corrective surgery for facial palsy and all aspects of head, neck and facial reconstruction. He throroughly researches latest facial reconstruction planning technologies and other sophisticated techniques to minimise scarring and morbidity.

Mr William A. Townley's Places of Practice


Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Hospitals

St Thomas' Hospital
Westminster Bridge Rd

Parkside Hospital

53 Parkside
SW19 5NX

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Disorders of the facial nerve are socially and functionally debilitating. The facial nerve powers the muscles that are responsible for essential emotional expressions such as smiling as well as basic functions including, eating, speech and eye closure.

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