Medical Qualifications

Mr Khai Lam is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and first qualified in 1990 from Nottingham University.  He is active in both clinical and laboratory research into lower back pain secondary to lumbar disc degeneration.

Medical Experience

Mr Khai Lam currently sees patients at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Spinal Unit and privately at The London Bridge Hospital. He is a leader in the field of spinal arthroplasty, minimal invasive spine surgery and belongs to the AO Expert TK Group for atraumatic spinal access surgery.

He was the first consultant in the UK to receive the Gold 'La Medaille d'Honneur' from L'Etiole Europeenne du Devouement Civil et Militaire for his work in treating aircraft ejectee pilots with spinal injuries, helping children with serious spinal conditions and his involvement with the ongoing development of novel spinal implants and technologies.

Mr Lam specialises in spinal surgery, lumbar and cervical disc degeneration and sciatica.

Mr Khai Lam's Places of Practice


London Bridge Hospital

27 Tooley Street

Articles written by Mr Khai Lam
  • Minimally Invasive Balloon Kyphoplasty

    Spine fractures are often the result weakening of the bone (osteoporosis) and are known as vertebral body fractures. These fractures are a serious problem and have a highly negative impact on quality of life due to the pain and reduced mobility that they cause. More conservative methods of treatment aim simply at pain reduction and this often requires narcotic pain medication, bed rest and/or spinal orthotic support. Satisfactory pain control is often only achieved after several weeks of treatment.

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  • Minimal Access Spinal Surgery

    The aim of minimal access spinal surgery (MASS) is the reduction of 'collateral damage' to muscles, ligaments and soft tissue associated with traditional spinal surgery whilst obtaining the same clinical outcomes of traditional open procedures. The technique has been developed to complement minimal invasive spinal surgery (MISS) as the latter does not allow for direct visualisation of the spine. In that regard these two techniques DO NOT alter the indications or goals of surgery.

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