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One of the most technically advanced consultant knee surgeons, Ian McDermott has led the way in the UK in pioneering tailored implants in partial and total knee replacement surgery.

Focus on patient peak performance 

A focus on quality of care, pioneering techniques and a personalised approach.

Mr McDermott is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising exclusively in knees. He has led the way in the UK in pioneering custom-made partial and total knee replacement surgery, and he is also a pioneer of complex ‘biological knee reconstruction’, with procedures such as meniscal transplantation and articular cartilage grafting. 

After completing his medical training at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, Ian undertook his specialist orthopaedic training in the North-West Thames region of London. He was appointed as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the NHS at Ealing Hospital. Ian now runs a full-time private practice so that he can focus exclusively on his private patients, and also on his academic interests in the world of knee surgery.

Medical Qualifications 

MB BS - St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, 1992

FRCS - RCSEng, London 1996

FRCS(Orth) - RCSEng, London 2003

MS - Imperial College, London 2004

FFSEM(UK) - Edinburgh, 2010


Mr McDermott is the founding member and Managing Partner of the London Sports Orthopaedics practice, and is an Honorary Professor Associate at Brunel University School of Sport & Education. He is an Editorial Board Member of the American Journal of Sports Medicine and an Editorial Board Member of the Orthopaedics and Trauma Journal. 

My entire focus is on quality. I aim to provide every one of my patients with the necessary amount of time, focus and attention required to ensure that we cover everything relevant and that we get things right. I also strive to ensure that I’m at the cutting-edge of the latest and best technologies, so that I can offer the very best possible surgical options to my patients. 


Leading the way in advanced knee surgery:

  • Youngest ever surgeon to be elected as a Trustee and Council Member of The Royal College of Surgeons.
  • Honorary Professor Associate, Brunel University.
  • Hospital Innovations designated ‘Centre of Excellence’ for meniscal transplantation surgery.
  • Vivostat designated ‘Centre of Excellence’ for the use of biological glues in knee surgery.
  • Pioneer of custom-made knee replacement surgery in the UK, and Conformis Surgical Training Centre.
  • Founder and Immediate Past-President of the UK Biological Knee Society.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Independent Practitioners Organisations (FIPO).
  • Chairman of the Orthopaedic and Trauma Specialists Indemnity Scheme (OTSIS)
Specialising in: 

"My entire focus is on quality. I aim to provide every one of my patients with the necessary amount of time, focus and attention to ensure the best possible outcomes every time."

Expert imaging

Leading the way in advanced knee surgery

Specialist interests:

Meniscal repair and meniscal replacement
Single-stage articular cartilage grafting techniques
Biological Knee Replacement
Ligament reconstructions
Realignment osteotomy
Patellar realignment / stabilization
Custom-made patellofemoral joint replacements
Custom-made partial and total knee replacement surgery

Knee surgical specialist

Every person's knee is different

"If you want your new knee to feel as good as possible and as close as possible to a normal knee, then you need a prosthesis that is going to match your size, shape and contours as accurately and reliably as possible.

This can only be achieved with a custom-made knee replacement, where the patient-specific prosthesis is designed and manufactured to be an exact match for the patient’s knee.

Mr Ian McDermott's Places of Practice


London Sports Orthopaedics

London Sports Orthopaedic
31 Old Broad Street

Articles written by Mr Ian McDermott
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  • ACL tears: get diagnosed QUICK!

    The ACL is common injured by footballers, skiers and netball players, particularly if one twists too hard on a bent knee: this then gives the classic ‘pop’ or ‘snap’ in the knee, normally with severe pain, and the knee gives way followed by the joint then swelling up significantly.

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  • The benefits of 'customised' knee replacement surgery

    Knee replacement surgery is a big deal, and if you do actually need a knee replacement, then you want it done right, first time, and you want to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Pick your surgeon carefully, and be fussy! Make sure that your surgeon gives you all of the information that you require to allow you to make the correct decision for what’s best for you, as an individual

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A personal approach to expert care

Dear Mr McDermott,

It is now some 4 1/2 years since you replaced my right knee with a Conformis replacement. I have just returned from a very successful skiing trip and felt compelled to update you on the knee. 

My right and left knees feel identical in every way and frankly it is virtually impossible to tell which is the replacement. I can do everything that I would wish with my replacement knee, except some sports which I was aware would be off limits before the operation. The fact that I can still ski, cycle and walk with no real constraints is frankly astonishing. 

I can only thank you for the care that you provided and the result that has been achieved. I am immensely grateful.

Best wishes

Simon Carter

My knee now does aqua-aerobics two or three times a week, Pilates once a week, it walks normally and kneels down to plant flowers.

Dear Mr McDermott,

Just to say that my knee had its first birthday yesterday (and I have my 82nd birthday next month!).
At my first appointment you carefully showed me my scan results, explained to me my choices, took me through what would be involved in having the knee replacement surgery, and sent me papers to read. From that first appointment with you, I had complete trust in you. The evidence that you provided me about custom made knees persuaded me to go for that option, and thankfully it was covered by my BUPA insurance.
Prior to my surgery I had significant pain in my knee, I was only able to walk a quarter of a mile at most, I felt very nervous on my knee, with intermittent feelings like it might give way on me, and I had pain at night time.
It is now 1 year since I had my custom-made knee replacement surgery with you. My knee now does aqua-aerobics two or three times a week, Pilates once a week, it walks normally and kneels down to plant flowers. When stretching, I can just about bend it back up to my bum, like I do with the other knee. Sometimes it feels a bit stiff when I wake up, but I don’t have any pain at all now.

I am extremely glad that I had this done, so thank you again!

Mrs Jackie Dickens

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