Medical Qualifications

Mr Ahmed R Ahmed completed his medical qualifications at the University College London and the Middlesex Hospital School of Medicine. He completed further training in surgery in London as well as Stanford University Medical Center and University of Rochester Medical Center, USA.

Medical Experience

Mr Ahmed is the lead surgeon for metabolic and bariatric surgery at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is currently a Consultant Surgeon in Gastrointestinal, Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgery at 108 Harley Street. He is a senior lecturer at the Imperial College London and is one of only two USA fellowship-trained surgeons working in the UK.

Mr Ahmed is director of the Total Weight Solutions team, they offer lifestyle clinics and care to those contemplating weight loss, as well as performing surgical treatments to suitable patients. He is a member of the International Bariatric Surgery Review Committee (IBSRC), which is comprised of the top bariatric surgeons from around the world. His surgery unit in London has been classed as an International Centre of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery.

Mr Ahmed R Ahmed's Places of Practice


108 Harley Street, Medical Chambers

108 Medical Chambers
108 Harley Street

Articles written by Mr Ahmed R Ahmed
  • Thinking about losing weight? Surgical options

    Tackling obesity seems simple. Eat less, exercise more, lose weight. But, for many severely overweight people, diets and exercise just don’t work. Furthermore, repeated attempts lead to the yo-yoing of short-term success followed by inevitable weight-gain, resulting in frustration, despair and worsening health. Obesity is a growing problem worldwide and the number of people looking for a solution to reduce their weight is soaring. Obesity not only reduces life expectancy but it is also associated with a 40% higher risk of developing cancer. Weight loss can prevent this and lead to a dramatic improvement in obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol. Treating obesity can also reverse infertility in women and can improve the results of surgeries such as knee and hip replacements.

    Read full article
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