For Hospitals and Clinics

The most important asset for any hospital or clinic is their Consultants and other healthcare professionals. Consultant Profile Healthcare Hub provides hospitals and clinics with the opportunity to support their consultants, facilitate the medical education remit and enable them (and the hospital) to reach the right patients.

Hospitals and clinics therefore require a cost-effective, hassle-free solution to presenting their professional services to appropriate target searches. Ideally one that benefits from all existing web synergies, that forms a central hub and is an attractive platform for further targeted activity.

The central hub / platform should also be:

  • Search engine optimised
  • Well connected to other authoritative sources (Total Health, Consultant Search, GP Refer)
  • Cost-effective (no up-front fee)
  • Low-maintenance
  • Responsive/Mobile friendly
  • Facilitate patient booking and enquiries
  • Have measurable outcomesRegularly upgraded
  • Provide a market information system for the hospital or clinic

The Diagnostic Therapeutic Solution (DTS)

The aim of this site is to make the connection between the patient need (as normally characterised by the ‘diagnosis’), with the appropriate therapeutic solution (Consultant).

This service combines proportional levels of medical publishing, market positioning (within medical context), consultant profiles, the diagnostic front-end (DFE) search technology, websites, web synergies and back-links, social and SEO plus patient referral mechanisms – as well as outcome reports.

To facilitate professional involvement Consultants will be provided with a template and registered links in order to complete the initial requirement on them for medical education materials, profile information, diagnoses/ therapies, personal philosophies and for medical updates. The on-going program of web publishing and mobilisation can then be left to us, although we will seek on-going author approval prior to publishing or promoting important medical communications.

The process commences with:

  1. the editorial approach and
  2. independent publishing of high quality content. This creates
  3. the communication platform, within appropriate SEO architecture to enable
  4. the launch of various push and pull (attractive) marketing mobilisation tactics, all of which are
  5. measurable in terms of outcome.

The professional approach and pricing is designed to provide the most cost-effective range of essential services, with measurable and organic growth.