Medical Qualifications

Dr Stergios Zacharoulis graduated from the Aristotelis School of Medicine, Thessaloniki, Greece. Following this he moved to the USA where he undertook further training and became a certified Paediatrician and Paediatric Oncologist.

Medical Experience

Dr Zacharoulis sub-specialised in Neuro-Oncology (brain, spinal cord and neurogenic tumours) at the Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School and was appointed as Assistant Professor of Paediatric Oncology at Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He has published a number of articles and book chapters and has spoken on child cancer and its treatment at meetings, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Zacharoulis is a Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey and The Harley Street Clinic, London where he is available for private patients. He specialises in the treatment of brain tumours in children and other solid malignancies of childhood.


Dr Stergios Zacharoulis's Places of Practice


The Harley Street Clinic

35 Weymouth Street

The Royal Marsden Hospital

Royal Marsden Hospital
Fulham Rd

Articles written by Dr Stergios Zacharoulis
  • Treating tumours in children

    Approximately one to two children per 10,000 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Clearly this is a very serious diagnosis and only a few decades ago only a small percentage of these children would have survived. However, treatments have improved rapidly and these days the good news is that most children can be cured. The cause of cancer in children is mostly unknown and only a very small percentage can be explained by genetic syndromes and conditions.

    Read full article
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