Medical Qualifications

Dr Premchand received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery qualification from Kerala University in 1988, his MD from Mangalore University in 1992, and his Member of the Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 1994. 

Medical Experience and Training

In a recent gastroenterology initiative, Dr Premchand has set up his Department at Queen's as a tertiary referral centre for treating the more difficult cases of Irritable Bowel Disease (Refractory IBD). This means that other secondary care Gastroenterologists will refer patients to him for specific types of treatment including Granulocute Apheresis (for which he is very much the UK pioneer).

Dr Premchand is currently the Endoscopy Lead of Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust (BHRT). He works predominantly at the Queen's Hospital in Romford.  


Dr Purushothaman Premchand's Places of Practice


Spire Hartswood Hospital

Eagle Way
CM13 3LE

Articles written by Dr Purushothaman Premchand
  • Prune Juice FAQs

    In addition to the article by Dr Premchand here is a useful summary of some relevant studies into the health benefits of prunes that have been published in the medical literature.

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  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease - A New Treatment

    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the name given to a collection of otherwise unexplained symptoms relating to a disturbance of the digestive system, and which includes ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease (CD). It is a recurrent chronic disorder, and neither the process by which it originates and develops nor the precise effects of the disease on the body are completely known, however it is thought that they involve both genetic and environmental factors. 

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  • Digestive Health and Prune Juice - The Natural Way

    There is general agreement amongst health professionals that a healthy diet, regular exercise, a good intake of water and less stress will all contribute to self-managed digestive health, but what if you are finding it difficult to get the right balance of these factors? Fibre is not a new phenomenon, and there has long been an awareness that unrefined foods can help to promote health and longevity. Research has been ongoing, but despite this more and more fibre-depleted foods have found their way into our diets. Your lifestyle, age and health issues may mean that maintaining a well balanced diet and being active are not always possible.

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