For Consultants

Meeting the Need for Professional Medical Communication

Consultant Profile is a unique healthcare hub that offers a cost-effective way to manage your professional digital medical communication activities.

Building and operating your own quality website is a time-consuming and costly exercise and without continuous inbound marketing activity the levels of website traffic and associated patient enquiries and referrals will remain frustratingly low.

The unique Consultant Profile Healthcare Hub provides a digital platform that maximises existing web synergies.

Key Features of Consultant profile

  • Incorporates latest Search engine optimised (SEO) architecture
  • Individual, personalised profile pages that act as a central hub for existing digital content
  • Well connected to other authoritative digital healthcare sources (Total Health, Consultant Search, GP Refer)
  • Cost-effective (no up-front fee)
  • Low-maintenance
  • Responsive/Mobile friendly
  • Able to facilitate patient enquiries and booking
  • Provides measurable outcomes
  • Regularly upgraded

The Diagnostic Therapeutic Solution (DTS)

The Consultant Profile Healthcare Hub is a unique digital communication platform that maximises the digital connection between patients with a treatment need (following diagnosis), and the Consultant offering the treatment solution .

Consultant Profile is based on the principle of marketing ‘attraction’. This approach provides a proactive central digital hub to consolidate and amplify your digital presence enabling patients to access you easily.

This unique method of digital communication combines proportional levels of medical publishing, market positioning (within medical context), consultant profiles, diagnostic front-end (DFE) search technology,  website synergies and back-links, social media and SEO and incorporates patient referral and outcome reporting mechanisms.


View a sample Consultant Profile here