Guru to the famous

All addicts no matter how bad they may feel, can be treated.

Andy is a Healthcare Assistant and Addictions Specialist at Serena House, which is a sister clinic to 25 Harley Street. He previously worked with Promis Clinics in Kent.  A proud Plymothian, he spent his youth in Devon and Scotland. While his early life was overshadowed by drugs and criminality, at the age of 35 he went into treatment in search of a direction in life. He then progressed from working as a volunteer at TTP Luton to become a member of staff at the TTP clinic in Warrington. He was offered a full-time post, took a course in Counselling, and moved on to work in various care-related positions. Since then, he has moved from PROMIS to Serena House, and his roles have continued to evolve. He has been described by a colleague as a “personal guru to the rich and famous”. The point is that being an addict with years of recovery himself, combined with an engaging and personable approach, he is highly qualified.

He says that if he can achieve recovery then anyone can. Andy sees it as his mission to do all within his power to help people recover. He says:

“When we free ourselves from our mental prisons, our whole outlook and attitude can change and we can start to see the joy in life. But it’s a difficult journey and we need people around us who can relate to what we are going through.”

Andy now works with addicts at all stages of recovery.


Specialising in: 

I want to help people to start feeling good about themselves. People in active addiction often think they are fundamentally bad and beyond hope. They do not realise that they are actually very sick, and just need the right kind of care. 

Supporting addicts through recovery

  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Amphetamine addiction
  • Alcoholism


Andy Bacon's Places of Practice


Serena House

25 Harley Street

You are not lost. You can be treated. A whole new journey lies ahead for you..

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